Side Effects And Benefits Of Dbol

Methandrostenolone, sold as Dianabol, is among the best-selling steroids in the black market. However, not all individuals who buy the anabolic steroid are completely aware of what they’re getting into with such steroids. In fact, most have only been introduced to the benefits of the steroid and are therefore not aware of Dianabol’s side effects. In this article, we’ll throw some light on the negatives and also the positives attached to methandrostenolone.

Intro to Methandrostenolone

An anabolic steroid, methandrostenolone has been doing the rounds since the 1960s. Its trade name is Dianabol. However, the steroid is also referred to as Danabol, Dbol, and Averbol. The steroid climbed the popularity charts quickly during the 1960s as it helped build muscles quickly. Usually, methandrostenolone is available as injections. However, you can buy Dianabol as oral pills.

Dianabol for sale online is quite common, making Dbol tablets or Dbol pills common among bodybuilders. Buy Dbol or buy d-bol if you come across D-bol for sale offers. Dbol steroids are used to increase muscle strength and size during the bulking phase of training. Its half-life is close to five hours, which makes the steroid among the quickest acting steroids around. Keep this in mind if you buy Dianabol online or buy the steroid at an offline store that has but Dbol for sale.

Side Effects

Like testosterone, methandrostenolone is an extremely potent drug that also has certain side effects. For starters, methandrostenolone is estrogenic, which means male boobs or gynecomastia is a common side effect with excessive methandrostenolone usage, or during early cycles when the dosage is the highest. Another major issue is the drug could cause water retention problems, which could interfere with muscle definition, and also an increase in water and subcutaneous fat within the body. This could lead to a bloated appearance. – buy Dbol – Dbol for sale

Most bodybuilders and athletes who administer methandrostenolone counter this effect with anti-estrogenic drugs. These additional supplements do not come cheap. Moreover, adding another drug to the mix means an increase in the amount of chemical substances entering the body, which may cause issues in the long run.

Dianabol has mild androgenic traits. But there are androgenic side effects linked with this steroid too. The side effects include greasy, oily skin, extra facial and body hair, and also baldness, in some cases. Moreover, aggression is quite common with Dianabol usage. The steroid could interfere with the head’s chemical balance, and getting agitated within seconds would become quite a common behavioral trait among Dianabol users.

High blood pressure is also an issue with Dianabol. If you’re already suffering from hypertension, you should strictly avoid Dbol. However, if your blood pressure is normal, you are out of danger. Dbol could lead to liver toxicity, which is usually also the case with most other anabolic steroids. But liver damage is not an immediate concern since the problems arise only if the drug has been administered for an extended time period, with the dosages being above-normal.


Most individuals when on Dianabol and the right training and nutrition plans find their muscles developing like never before during the bulking phase. Several competitive bodybuilders resort to Dbol before a contest to preserve their muscular gains, particularly when they are on a calorie-low diet.

The biggest positive impact of Dianabol lies in its capability to increase fat-free mass. This explains why some bodybuilders have been using Dianabol for several decades. Dbol helps increase both glycogenolysis and protein synthesis. Simply put, Dbol steroid equals your recommended daily carbohydrate intake. This raw energy gets converted into strength gains. Not to mention, the steroid’s ability to improve muscles’ nitrogen retention property.