Using Winstrol Can Make A Big Difference

Stanozolol steroids, more commonly known as Winstrol, play a big role in performance enhancement supplements in the athletic world. Because it’s an anabolic steroid that’s derived from testosterone, it’s considered an illegal substance in the U.S. without a prescription. It was originally used to improve the condition of anemic patients and those with symptoms related to wasting disease. In fact, it was also used in veterinary circles to help improve the growth of muscles, the production of red blood cells, the increase of bone density and also stimulating the appetite of animals that need the help. Many doctors can still provide a prescription if the patient can justify the need for it, which might not be difficult to do since it’s been widely cross-contaminated with other weight-loss supplements.

The most popular use for the Stanozolol steroid is for bodybuilders during the final cutting phase of the bodybuilding cycle. This is the cycle that’s only a few weeks out from the final competition, when bodybuilders are doing their hardest to lose all the fat cells they can in order to push their muscles to the most refined and defined state possible. During this phase the bodybuilders will focus on low weights and high repetitions in order to get and maintain that ‘pumped’ appearance. Since this phase is primarily focused on getting pumped and losing weight, it’s not as focused on some of the negative side effects of Stanozolol.

As with any steroid, the effects of Stanozolol tablets and Stanozolol pills show that unless the body is in a healthy state before trying this steroid, they can negatively impact the body during the cycle. Some of the better known side effects include joint soreness and swelling in some cases, which really shows up when the athlete is pushing himself very hard and working with heavy loads during this cycle. Since this cycle is really geared toward speed and trimming down, it’s imperative that the athlete focus on these aspects of training in order to avoid this side effect. Additional side effects include potential damage to the liver, potential heart arrhythmia which could lead to a heart attack. It can bring on acne and hair loss, and potentially increase body hair. Still, the effects on the liver are potentially just as dangerous and it’s advisable for anyone who tries Stanozolol to make sure they’re not drinking alcohol or taking other over-the-counter medications that when combined with the steroid, can cause permanent damage to the liver.

If taken in low doses and carefully monitored, the usage of Stanozolol can dramatically improve the performance of the athlete, as time and again has proven to be true. The U.S. sprinter, Ben Johnson, was a recent example of winning the gold medal and later found to be using Stanozolol. In fact, more athletes use Stanozolol than you might imagine, and since its effects are present in urine for 10 days after usage, it could escape testing if the athletes work the system properly. It’s easy to buy Stanozolol and even easier to buy Stanozolol online because due to the relative ease to manufacture it, you can find Stanozolol for sale almost anywhere, but you must be prepared to take the risks associated with its usage.